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This is my very post to this forum. So first of all, I want to say hi to all my Ninja or Kawi buddies. I recently bought 2007 ZX6R. It is an awesome bike, but I am having a small issue since I bought it.

Ok here is the whole story.

Oil light was coming on at Idle (1800RPM) at around 60-70 degree (Centigrades) when I bought it. So, I checked the oil level and it was low. I changed the Oil and Filter. Now the oil light/symbol comes on when the temperature reaches high 80s or early 90s. And it also comes around 70-80 degrees when I am in first gear and my RPMs are less than 2000 and my clutch is slightly released (before hitting the friction point). Bike has 14000kms on it.

Any help on this issue will be great.

P.S: Light never comes on when RPMs are greater than 2000, no matter what the temperature is.

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