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On ramps

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They are fun indeed. There's a section no I-75 here that's full of fun!! It's even better because you're able to spot where plod be sittin' as you go around. Then it's time to ham it up big stylee!!!!!!!!:D
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Strong I was about to say the same thing about 75 lol, altho there is an AWESOME Exit ramp off 23 South bound that exits onto Bristol Rd. and is a 35 mph corner that I take at 55 :D
It's almost like you have an excuse to drop the hammer, I mean you have to get up to speed to merge right? ....err...[:M88]
It's not the merging that's fun, it's scraping pegs all the way around that's fun!!!!!!
you ever seen or passed people in cars while going around the ramp? ive seen guys take em on the outside of the curve. very cool but probably scary as hell
Outside has always been a bad idea, I prefer undertaking.[8D]
Taking the inside is a much safer route (if you would call it 'safe').;)
I love on ramps..
For those in Niagara area, I love the 7th Street ramp onto the Toronto bound QEW, very nice. There are 2 ramps, one for northbound traffic, one for south, you need to be coming from the south, heading north.
Its a huge long curve, probobly about 300 degrees, and its got grass runoff all around it incase you chuck it.

Its rated at 40km, I usually do 90-95.
Does anyone else share my love for on ramps??? I just cant get enough of merging... and all the ones around here have banked 30-mph turns that i take at 50
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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