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Easy to use full wireless built in communication!
Race ready full face street shell with multiple vents and air-ports built in!
Fully integrated BLUETOOTH® system with Bluetooth® 1.2 technology
Radio interference free
Lithium battery, multi functional LED
Completely rechargeable with up to 100 hours of standby time or 4 hours of talk time
Easy to use buttons for Bluetooth® that is specifically created for use with gloves
Ultra quiet noise canceling microphone - Keeps the talk going while reducing outside noise
Includes the 110 / 220 Battery charging system
Self leveling volume control
Voice OR button answer function built into the helmet
Listen to your stereo, MP-3, I-pod, GPS streaming music or communicate between two helmets!
Exceeds DOT safety standards
FCC approved
Full ventilation system
Quick release visor system
Fully removable and washable liners

I have one that is Medium in Pink/Blue
I have one that is Large in Black/Grey

$180 each or $300 together
make me an offer.


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