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Painting plastics

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Im buying plastics for my Yellow 01 zx6r. I found a tail fairing on ebay for $50 (s+h included) but its red. I need new fairings all the way around so I will buy diffrent colored used fairings cheap and get my bike repainted. Has anyone painted their fairins with automotive spray paint? how did you prep it? what is the best way to add gloss to it?
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Using auto spraypaint will make it hard to get a good finish. I have done some work this way and basically I sanded the parts to get rough it up and smooth out any flaws. I didn't sand it to bare plastic. The original factory paint will make a good base for the primer. I owrked up tp something like 600 grain paper. Then I primered it. I did a couple coats of primer alternating it with sanding to get it really smooth. I used a tack cloth to get the dust of the final stage of sanding and then painted. You might try testing the paint on the inside of a fairing or something to figure out the correct distance for spraying. It's usually around 8-12 inches. You want light coats close enough to shine. If the can is held to far away the paint will dry before it gets on the part and will leave a rough finish. If you hold it too close, it will run. If you do have any problems, just lightly sand the part, you'll end up doing that between coats anyways. If it's not shiny enough when you're done, by some gloss clear coat.
After going through all that, I'd say that once you get all the parts together, you might bring them to a good paint shop and see what they'd charge. If you do the prep work yourself, you can probably get it painted for a couple hundred bucks. Make sure they use a flexbase in the paint to keep it from cracking.
Let us know what you end up doing.


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