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parting 2012 zx6r , clean title , never been wrecked. engine developed a noise and i decided to part it out. the motor is complete. no cooper in the oil, everything is good, but there is a loud ticking noise. i have already parted out the bike so pelase do not ask a price on whole

clean florida title frame. never been down 2100 dollar
forks , complete with triple tree and clip on 600
subframe mint condition 300
set of wheels, in excellent shape 550
swingarm 100 dollar
complete fairings all black with mint tank. no damage , 1200
headlight 250 (2 sets)
upper bracket 100
harness 150
engine with ticking noise 500 dollar
everything else is avaiable , only missing the rearsets (already sold)
rotors 200 front and back
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