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Hey forum, my bike's engine took a $hit on me :(, and now I am parting it out.
I have several parts for sale, pm me with any questions.
I would rather deal locally, but I will ship if I have to. Thanks.
Here is a list of what I have...

1. headlights****SOLD!!!!****
2. front cowling****SOLD!!!!****
3. oem mirrors****SOLD!!!!****
4. front cowling side covers****SOLD!!!!****
5. upper mid fairings asking $110 obo for both
6. lower belly fairings****SOLD!!!!****
7. trim pieces that go under rider seat****SOLD!!!!****
8. front fender asking $30 for it
9. oem windscreen ****SOLD!!!!****
10. tail fairing****SOLD!!!!****
11. passenger seat****SOLD!!!!****
12. passenger seat cowling ****SOLD!!!!****
13. chrome Muzzy's slip on exhaust ****SOLD!!!****
14. oem tail light asking $20 for it
15. stock Tokico calipers ****SOLD!!!!****
16. fuel pump asking $30 for it



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I sent you a pm on zxforums, but I'll post on here as well. I'm looking for the headlight and both mirrors.

pm me how much shipped to 06082.

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I'm interested in ALL fairings and plastics
Upper fairings
Mid Fairings
Lower fairing
Air ram platics
Rear fairings
Even gas tank if u have it

How's the condition? Any broken tabs?

PM me a price for all!

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Do you have anything other then whats listed?
Looking for the Clutch cable, and mounting perch for the clutch lever.
Also looking for the front brake resivior.

Im local enough to pick these up if you have them.
PM me for a faster responce.
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