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Well, I am back....sort of...

Had to sell the last bikes I had to pay for divorce.....

Now, I am getting back on my feet and have a new project....

I picked up a 95 ZX7R, and I have gutted it in hopes of starting a project of putting a 10 engine in the 7.

So, from the 7 I have:

Engine, carbs, fairings, rear end, front end, crappy wiring harness, front bracket, gauge cluster, D&D header and midpipe.

From the 10 I have:

Frame, and plastics.

Once I have a better idea of extra parts I will post more stuff.

I got the 7 from someone who was a freaking idiot....and spray painted everything, and didn't take very good care of stuff.

He says he had work done to the engine (says its bored, but didn't want to take head off to find out), and there was a problem with the engine. I turned engine by hand, no issues there, and drained the oil, and there were no metal fragments or shavings there, but, to be on the safe side, I would definitely split the cases, just to be on the safe side. The plastics would be good for stunting or track, but that is about it.

The 10, is in near perfect condition, and I will be picking it up this weekend, and can post pics then.

Here are some prices:

Plastics - $50
Gauges / bracket - $125
Engine - $300
Carbs - $150
Front end - $250
Rear end - (w extended swing arm) - $150 (Wheel probably needs new bearings)
Header - $75
Wire harness - $25

Frame w/ clear VA title - $1500 shipped
Plastics - $350

Any "reasonable" offers will be accepted. I think these prices are pretty fair.

You can contact me via text or email:

[email protected]


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