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ZX600 part up for grabs, a lot of stuff has sold on facebook market place out of central New Jersey.

I beleive the oil pump failed and the oil boiled through the head gastket as indicated by oil in the coolent as opposed to a failed water pump with coolent in the oil. The bike was able to start after a "Quick Carb Clean" and had a knock possibly due to the electrical tape on the #2,3 spark plugs and the oil light came on at 3K RPM. I did not push further then that.

I have held off on posting this as I am trying to get the 98 finished, buut i want to get rid of the parts as there taking up to mouch space.

Photos and more parts listing to come, you can vew my profile on EX500's web site as i have parted out a 500 in the past as well.

Muzzy pipe and 4-1 header,
Handle bars,
Swing arm,
Dash shroud,
Dash side inserts/covers
Complete rear brakes system,
Inst cluster,
More to come.

The fairings are pending Payment and pickup, they look much better after I cleaned them:
1998 Dark Green


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