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This posting will change and be updated as I remove and sell the parts, I will try to upload photos when possible.

I think the oil pump is shot and could only rev it to about 3K with my kid in the yard playing. Battery voltage came up to 13.x at 3K so the charging system should be fine. There is some trace of oil in the coling system and it is recomended that any cooling system parts be flushed with good old or new oil prior to use.

One coil pack has had the plug connector seperate from the wire.

Parting out a 94 zx600e with a Muzzy 4-1, items sold so far https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1271819862984850/
Oil cooler
Left side rear set
Front brakes
Clutch cable
Clutch lever
Windshield Less

Available soon:
Frame with title
98 Dark green plastics, used with some scuffs-crakcs
98 gray wheels
98 Darg green gas tank, currently has pin holes in the bottom right under the mounting bracket
I have the title for the frame


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