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pass foot pegs

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Has anyone polihed the passenger foot peg brackets? Was it easy?
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No, but I have a buddy who polished his foot pegs and the bracket, and it came out looking sharp. The only thing is, that it does take time to make it look good. I would say about 4 or 5 hours of hand polishing and sanding.

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I did mine, they are not done yet but look good.
They dont polish up quite as well as the frame though.

Right now I have some black ones on while I finish polishing mine.

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The black ones are mine... I powder coated them. I think Cdn should keep 'em on.
i tried to polish mine.. ended up hacking the shit out of them.. so I figured fuck it.. someone one on ebay is selling a set.. their mine you hear me[}:)].. at any rate.. hopefully I win the bid.. I'm the only one who bid on them.
I polished mine. A pain but the turned out well. I used a little air buffer to get into the inside and a big buffer to do the outside of the pegs.

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