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IMHO Diablo is very good road tyre for sport riding.

I've had a set of Diablos for about 7000 km now and they still feel very good and the profile is still the way it should be (thanks to trackdays and mostly riding twisties). There's slight cupping in fron tyre from the track abuse but no vibration so far.

They're also a pretty good tyre for occasional trackdays if you take it easy and don't try to hang on with guys wearing stickier rubber.

They easily generate knee down levels of grip in street riding, I got my knee down couple of times on my favourite twisties last autumn even when the air temp was less than 10 degrees Celsius. Same time my riding buddy struggled to get his Rennsports warm enough to work properly.

Also check out this thread:


MCN tyre test (Diablo and Diablo Corsa won the two different categories in the test):
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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