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polishing aluminum

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What do I need to polish my stock muffler from brushed aluminum to a shinney finish. I saw it done on my friends 900 Fireblade and I'd like to do it myself.

Tools? Polishing Compounds? Instructions?

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Do I have to use the aircraft stripper? Or can I just sand to a fine finish and then polish?

Cool website!
Sanding will work, but it will take more time. even if you cant use aircraft stripper, any good aluminum paint stripper should work.

You'll want a power sander for sure, doing it by hand would take forever.
We did one of our cans with a power sander, no stripper, and it looks the same when done but took much longer.
Thanks a bunch.

What grit sandpapers did you use thorughout the process of sanding? (i.e.- did you use multiple grits to get the finish shinnier and shinner)

Once you were done sanding, I assume you then power polished it with polishing compound? Yes?

yep, same grits as mentioned in the above link I posted, all the way from 60/80 to 2000.
then polish over and over
Thanks. I'm going to try the sanding method.
CD, I can't open the link and im intrested in polishing somthing,is it my comp. how can I open it. thanks
Yea sorry, my site is down for a day or two, I'll hopefully get it back up tommorow.
Cd, Thanks for the website very helpful,Btw can i use the same frame metod on my triple tree. Thanks
Site is back up now..
I would advise against polishing the triple tree, I've been told by some that did it that the glare that comes off it while riding is VERY annoying...
Cd, quick question where do I find the aircraft paint striper? Home depot? I have'nt checked yet but is it hard to find?
Best place for the stronger stuff is either a paint shop or the place I got mine was autozone. The stuff at home depot sucks
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