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BOTM VOTING - February

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Official BOTM Voting Thread. Ten entries have been selected from the entry pool to compete for the January BOTM. To see the full entry with pictures, click on the "
" icon at the top of each entry in this post.

Entry 1
Year: 2007
And the story:Bought the bike March 2007 for my son, and after doing a couple of trackdays realised his potensial and decided to convert to race bike for him for this season in our regional 600 championship. Wish him luck! Did the spray job ourselves

Entry 2
Year: 2002
Model: ZX-6R Ninja
The Story: After sadly selling off my 95 YZF600 to please the wife I waited 7 years to purchase my ride Brand new off the lot, it took 7 years to convince the wife to allow me to get another bike, I saw this bike at the dealership and HAD to have it, saved the cash and bought it outright, I will NEVER get rid of this bike, it is my baby and I put my heart and soul into keeping it up.

Entry 3
Year: 2005
Model: ZX6R
And the story:
June 29th 2006, the greatest day of my life. It's my first bike and has never been down since I've owned it. The guy I bought it from said his wife knocked it over in the driveway while he was washing it which is why it has a scratched stator cover that I haven't gotten around to replacing. Whether I believe that or not, there was not any serious damage anywhere else on the bike so I'll live with the cover. I repaired minor scratches when I painted it and now it has none! I got it completely stock (shown in a picture) and have been doing little things ever since, mostly for looks because to be completely honest it's fast enough how it is. I bought the yosh and decided to cut it, and I am so glad I did because I love it. I originally wanted gold wheels but I picked red on a random thought and it was the best decision I ever made. I know it looks like the 06 le but, I like the fire engine red better. It's my baby... I can't wait until spring, I wish everyday that the roads didn't have inches of salt all over them, but it's not worth risking my favorite thing in the world. I get compliments on it all the time and unless I go broke, I'm keeping this bike forever.

Entry 4
Year: 2004
Model: ZX-6RR
And the story:
In the summer of 2006, I sold my 98 ZX-7R and decided I was going to buy an 04 ZX-6RR. I searched long and hard for one in completely stock condition with low miles. I could not find anything locally that had not been jacked with or on its side, so I kept expanding my search radius. After about two months of searching, I finally found this one about 1 ½ hours northeast of Saginaw, MI…road trip time! I drove about 26 hours round trip to pick it up (stopping only for food and fuel). It was well worth the wait (and the drive). It had just over 2,000 miles, stock tires, turn signals, mud flap, the whole ball of wax…pristine showroom condition. The owner had all of the paperwork including invoices for all service work done. $5,000…and it’s still never been on its side.
I got it home and got right to work making it my own. It started as they all do…slip-on, integrated tail light/turn signals, flush mounts, windscreen, etc. But that wasn’t enough. I was bored with highway twisties (which are limited in Nebraska), and wanted to put it on the track. My goal was to build a bike that could serve both purposes; I wanted a street bike that could perform on the track as well as most race bikes.

Entry 5

Model:ZX 636

And the story: Ive been riding bikes for many years now and this is by far my biggest pride and joy

Entry 6
1998 zx7r

Entry 7
Year: 2004

Model: Z1000

And the story: I've been riding bikes since the day I turned 16 and all of them have been Kawasaki's. My dad rode Kawasaki all his life and I just can't find any other manufacturers bikes that appeal to me more. I started off with a 1981 KZ750, next was a 1995 ZX6R, and then I owned a 2000 ZX9R. Sadly I went three years without a bike after I had to sell my ZX9R when I got married and bought a house. After what seemed like a lifetime in hell watching bikes ride past me all summer long, summer after summer, I could not take it anymore and I picked up this 2004 Z1000 at the start of 2006. It was a brand new left over model. I've always loved the naked bikes. A bikes engine and internals are a beautiful thing and I want to see them exposed all the time. I am also very passionate about doing all my own work so the prospect of less fairing in the way of the guts was really appealing to me. In stock form I could see right away what I wanted to change and it started from there. I love the fact that I can feel every drop of speed on this bike, it's just a blast to ride and I have a great time modding it all winter long.

Entry 8
Year: 04
Model: ZX-10R
Story: not to exciting, got a good deal on the bike, cause it had been dropped in the driveway, had to replace rt side fairing, refinished the lowers, got some new tank side fairings and a new tail section, and she looked pretty much new, I stated modding it up then, this is pretty much my back up bike, my 06 has all the real mods, but oh well, here she is.

Entry 9
Year: 1998
Model: Kawisaki ZX-7r
Story: Alright guys heres my new baby. Recently bought 2 weeks ago ONLY 4100 miles!!! Cleanest 10 year old bike I've ever seen. I started riding last April on a 2005 Ninja 500R (which I'm currently selling if anyone is interested), took the MSF course and I'm now moving up. Note the color of it, very dark purple stock color (ITS NOT BLACK). Well hope you like it guys!!

Entry 10
hey guys im new here so i figgured id show ya what i have.
2006 zx-10

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:plusone: on Greenranger's bike. Definately has my vote. I've seen his bikes and they are absolutely PERFECT! He has all the toys I want on my bike. And that man can RIDE IT like it was meant to be ridden!!! :respect:

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sorry Big Daddy only way i could vote for #8 is if it was at least an equal as far as mods & track creds like greenrangers.

And also his bike is green and the bike that got Kawi back on track Thank you
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Thanks to anyone giving my ride credit. I've got a LOT of work in it...

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Hey, thanks for all the support and compliments, I put a lot of thought and hard work into my bike. Although it's hard to tell from the pictures, I like to RIDE my bike as much as I like to modify it and keep it clean. All the cleaning and modifying happen in the garage during hail storms and the bad winter months, which leaves all the good days open for riding. The local group I choose to ride with is full of 1000 and 600 super sports and I have no problem keeping up on the Z. Even during the occasional prolonged periods of 200+ Kph riding on the way home from a long day trip is no problem with a proper tuck position and a nice aerodynamic Shoe helmet. I love all the Kawasaki SS bikes, I was only inches from getting a 10R when I bought the Z1000 and there are some dam nice ones in this month’s competition too.
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