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poor performance

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anybody heard about bad engine performane from zx6r 2003, mine only gone 11.944 at 118.421 mph at the strip out of about 25 pass ,( my reaction time is always between .100 to .400)there was a guy last friday runing consistent 11.10 at about 127 mph, mine never crack 122 mph, his best time was 10.950. I may not be the best driver, but come on 1 second difference in ours best time, Its my 4 season riding and I consider myself a good driver. My bike had always been well taken care of (I'm a certified car mecanic)and well broken in, with an oil change at 500 km and 1000 km.

I had a gsxr600 2000 before and I did not feel my zx6r 2003 any faster, the only thing I heard of is the alarm system (viper) affecting the ignition system at high rpm. I anybody know something let me know please.
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Hi manu,
We can try to help you in the tech tips forum, I see you already posted there with the same question.
We try to avoid double posts on here, it just clutters up the place :)
sorry about that, though it did not work the first time.
no problem man, I just wish I could help ya :)
Im not as mechanicaly inclined as I would like.. I can change my oil,plugs and the like, but actual investigation and resolution of mechanical issues is not my strong point.

you should get a few answers soon, the board was down for a couple days so it will take some time for people to get back on
What are your launch RPM's?
What RPM's are you shifting at?
These are 2 big points that I can think of, even though I have never done a track day or done any drags at a track. I would imagine launching between 5500-7000 rpm's and shifting around 13500-14000 would maximize your time. Are you doing any kind of burnout beforehand to warm up the rear tire?
Maybe I'm way off, but that to me seems like the best #'s to shoot for.
The best 1/4 #'s I have seen is 10.30 @ 131 mph, and I believe that was in Cycle World.
I lauch at 8000 rpm
I shift at 14000 rpm
I tried burnout and it did not affect my time, the 2 times I went to the the track was warm days.
the 10.950 I talk about in my firt post was the best zx6r 2003 run at my track I saw the same night I was there, the guy is running it bone stock like my.
The last pass I made was again him, I made a 12.125 at 118.476 mph and he made 11.107 at 127.187 mph with similar reaction time, I weigh 35 pounds more than him, I don't think that will affect the performance so much.
hmm yea its possible somethings wrong.... u sure hes totally stock? there shouldnt be that much difference in pilot error... if youve piped be sure your power commander graph is proper and set up right etc... ill think on it tho and try to get back to you
try taking that alarm off for a trouble shoot ( that would be my first step ) its the only thing youve done that can decrease your performance.. dbl check your power commander first tho
I dont have a power comander, my bike is 100% stock, even the pipe. The other guy is stock too from what he told me, maybe a smaller sprocket in front and an air filter (he told me not, but we never know), but he got the stock exhaust too.

I will, try to go tonight, there practice evening for 5$.
ahh ok... then i would remove that alarm thats the only thing youve done that could affect your performance then.. id start there and if that makes no change you know the problem is somewhere else =)
Try shifting a little earlier. If I am not mistaken, peak power is about 12,500 with stock exhaust.

The big thing with drag racing is weight. Thirty-five pounds is like a 5 hp advantage to the other guy, significant but not enough to account for a one second difference in times.
I'd shift a fraction earlier as SW suggested, since peak power stock is a little earlier on the 636 than my previous ZX6R's (I find it pays to short shift ever so slightly, especially with a stock exhaust...) and that shift light is programmable to whatever warning you want for shifting, and is VERY helpful in the drags.

And for the record I have now run my '03 against all other 2003 600's in straight line drags and it is faster than ANY of them by a significant margin, even with my 220 pounds in the saddle.
Thirty-five pounds is worth about 5 hp, not enough to explain a 1 second difference. You also might try shifting at a lower rpm. I think the bike peaks at about 12,500 stock. Try shifting at 12,500-13,000.
if he is down 1 in the front that could very well be why but double check his setup
Hey Manu, I used to live in Montreal and I used to drag race at Napierville Dragway. I always got decent time there because the track is so close to sea level. I haven't taken my 03 RR to the track yet but I have done a few launches with it. I launched at about 10,000 and slipped the clutch and it just went like a rocket (Just make sure you're in 1st, I was having gear problems with mine and accidently launched in 2nd at 10,000 rpm about 3 times before I knew what was going on; the clutch was slipping after that but I adjusted it). I've got another 300 miles before it's totally broken in and then I'll try it at the track. You shouldn't get any bogging if you launch this way. I would have been trying to launch at 6-8k rpm if I hadn'tread another guys post where he is lauching at 10 -11k rpm and was getting low 10's with a few mods. look for posts by C. Hunter
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Why not have your buddy at the track jump on your bike and you on his. If he still beats you then its either the way he is shifting or that he is a hell of a lot lighter then you.
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