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Poserific =)

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What else am I gonna do, w/ all this snow and crap not going anywhere soon, I'M trying out different bike polishes (Plexus rocks) and keeping Lockhart Phillips in business :D Here she is:
L/P carbon hugger
L/P short stalk III's in back (plus harness)
L/P flush mount V's up front (plus harness)
L/P sliders w/ carbon sleeves
L/P groovy gold bolts for the fuel door and a few other spots
KickAss trumpets under rear seat (Pep Boys)
Chopped off rear fender and reflectors all around (Free)
Replaced center light w/ orange bulb (Pep Boys)
Red LED lic.plate bolts (Pep Boys)
ZUM Sticker will make it go faster (Pep Boys)
There's pobably more. Funny thing is that the odometer still reads "0" [:0]
Next, I'll play w/ PhotoChop and see which stickers need to come off, anyone need a box of brand new parts ? :D

I think a Targa rear seat and Z/G windshield will be next.

[:p] '02 Green ZX-6R Limited Edition [:p]
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We all kill me... isn't winter great? Well, no, of course I don't MEAN that, but we're all getting a chance to work on EVERYTHING about our bikes except reducing the tire tread remaining... and hell, I've got sandpaper if this winter lasts much longer... ARGH...

"Keep yer feet on the pegs and your right hand cranked."
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