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Possible reasons for overheating...

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(I'm a new ZX6R owner.)

My bike was overheating yesterday. What could I do to correct this?
I can't ride it - won't stay cool for long. Overheats quickly.

-the fan is working (I'm going to put in a manual switch)

-thought I would check the thermostat, water pump...

Is there anything else I can do to correct this problem?

I had the rad cap checked. I need a new one. Could this small thing be the problem? just a bad rad cap?
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Yeah, the bike can get pretty hot on you legs. I'm assuming that you're not wearing shorts. I live in the Mojave Desert, and regularly ride in 100+ temps and haven't had any overheating problems except in stop and go stuff. While these bike do dump the heat on the legs, it's not as bad as some. What ratio did you use for the coolant? Shouldn't be more than half coolant and half water. If you really want to cool it down, you might also try adding some Redline Water Wetter to the mix. That usually do for about a 10 degree drop.
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