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Possible reasons for overheating...

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(I'm a new ZX6R owner.)

My bike was overheating yesterday. What could I do to correct this?
I can't ride it - won't stay cool for long. Overheats quickly.

-the fan is working (I'm going to put in a manual switch)

-thought I would check the thermostat, water pump...

Is there anything else I can do to correct this problem?

I had the rad cap checked. I need a new one. Could this small thing be the problem? just a bad rad cap?
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Mine liked to overheat when it was brand-spanking new, but hasn't since then.

A leaking cap will cause it to overheat. The water needs to be under pressure for it to heat past the boiling point. 212F SL, if I remember right. If the cap's loose, the water will boil and loose it's ability to carry heat to the radiator and out of the engine.

You might just be suprised.

'02 6R
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