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Possible reasons for overheating...

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(I'm a new ZX6R owner.)

My bike was overheating yesterday. What could I do to correct this?
I can't ride it - won't stay cool for long. Overheats quickly.

-the fan is working (I'm going to put in a manual switch)

-thought I would check the thermostat, water pump...

Is there anything else I can do to correct this problem?

I had the rad cap checked. I need a new one. Could this small thing be the problem? just a bad rad cap?
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I am assuming you have already checked that you have coolant in the reservoir and the oil level is good....

my bike hardly ever heats up, but try riding in a higher gear don't keep the engine at high revs unnecessarily.

Is there anything blocking you rad. ? Clean out your air box, is there something obstructing the nozzles in the ram air up front ?

when you start your bike and rev is after it's warm do you see any white smoke coming from your exhaust ?

is your choke switch working normally ? that is when you close it, does the revs. come back down ?

How old is the bike and how many kms on it ? does it happen everytime you ride ? or just when in heavy traffic ?

let me know...

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