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Props to Arata and Dan Kyle

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Before installing my new Arata full exhaust system today :D I decided to do some weight comparisons:
Stock Exhaust (1) - 21.4 lbs.
Arata Exhaust (2) - 9.6 lbs.

(1) complete system with stock footpeg bracket, hanger bolt and footpeg mounting screws
(2) complete system with Arata hanger bracket, all mounting screws and springs

11.8 lbs lighter! I guess I can ease off my diet for a week or so...

I'll post pics and dyno results as they come.

Thanks Dan for the awesome service!
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I love my Arata system! Did you op for the Power Commander too? I bought the identical system for my 636 about two months ago and i Love it. How do you like the way that beast sounds?:D
Yea, I got the PCIIIusb with it with the Arata map loaded. The pipe is awesome, it fits perfectly and the welds are as good as I've seen on any system. It sounds cool to! Deep and throaty at idle, like a gsxr750.
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