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Putting On New Decals

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i just put on the carbon fiber ones on my bike, but i didnt remove any since i just painted the bike. before i painted it i used a hairdryer to get the glue soft and slowly peeled off the hot ass sticker;)

the stickers look real good too...they are not too big.

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so the stock ones come off pretty easy? Does the paint finish underneath the sticker look as good as the rest of the paint, just in case I don't want to put a sticker in the old ones place. Thanks
Hey whats up, new guy here. I just bought some sweet chrome decals from ebay and I was wondering whats the best way to get the old ones off and the new ones on.;)
another suggestion on applying new stickers, get a spray bottle with soapy water in it and spray a light film on the bodywork where you want to place the sticker. This will allow you to move the sticker a little to get the right position that you want and makes it easier to remove air bubbles. It will stick just as well when everything drys, you can even use a dry cloth to help it along. Just a little trick I learned working in a paint shop years ago.

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If youve had your bike for more than a year I wouldnt take off the stickers. It will be a darker color underneath, but if your applying new sticks over it then who cares right. I just left mine in the sun and that worked great. But a blow dryer works good also for up north. Also the kawasaki on the tank does not come off, its clearcoated over. I saw those chrome decals on ebay. I was thinking about getting them also. Youll have to tell us how they look and take some pics for us all.
will do, I shold get them sometime this week. It's a good thing my bike is new I never thought about the sun fading over time. That sucks that i can't get the kawi sticker off of the tank, hopefully the chrome one is the same size and goes right over it. should have pics in a week or two.;)
if its the same dude i bought it from...it will be a little samller. it wont look good even if you put it over the original tank sticker.

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that would be shitty, what guy did you get them from?

i asked the other person who is also selling them.....bigmomma or something like that and she said that they are also small, but she can cut them to any size you want.

i went with this dude cuz i got 8 stickers for $25 instead of 4.

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i got mine from some cty guy in hong kong. He said that all stickers are the same size. still haven't gotten them yet, so can't tell. By the way if someone tells me how to post pics I will post some pics of the stickers I bought.
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