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Question for the old guys with leg pain!

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Before my question, a few quick facts.

  • I'm 63, back operation a few years ago.
  • I like sport bikes, and my back likes the riding position.
  • I have a 2022 Ninja 650. Not an extreme riding position in any way.

My problem is that on long rides, my legs really hurt, and sometimes cramp up. I usually do stretches before riding, and this helps a great deal, but then the pain and cramps start up after an hour or so of riding.

I think the answer is to pull off and rest, but, doing that today only alleviated the pain and stiffness for a few minutes.

Any other suggestions?


Tucson, Arizona, USA
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Thank you! I ordered a pair.
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As a lifetime lone wolf, I've recently decided to change my ways.
I joined an old fart riding group called the retreads.
That said, I think its going to rain this weekend. I'm not afraid to ride in the rain, but I treat my bikes like faberge' eggs.

Except of course when I'm blasting down the highway at 90.
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