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Question for the old guys with leg pain!

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Before my question, a few quick facts.

  • I'm 63, back operation a few years ago.
  • I like sport bikes, and my back likes the riding position.
  • I have a 2022 Ninja 650. Not an extreme riding position in any way.

My problem is that on long rides, my legs really hurt, and sometimes cramp up. I usually do stretches before riding, and this helps a great deal, but then the pain and cramps start up after an hour or so of riding.

I think the answer is to pull off and rest, but, doing that today only alleviated the pain and stiffness for a few minutes.

Any other suggestions?


Tucson, Arizona, USA
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Try a magnesium supplement, worked for me.
Nice, probably one of the smoothest bikes out there and enough grunt and ability to leave the HD guys and most others in your dust.
A local newspaper published an article about cows living up to 5 years longer in a high magnesium environment, a journo reported it and 1000's of people showed (including me) up to buy this miracle water. When I asked why the other people were buying it, I got the same answer from everyone. Sick dog or cat. I took my 96 pints home and the dog turned his nose up at it. Turns out after I did some research that magnesium most effectively enters the body through the skin. Soaking in Epson salts is the best way, does wonders for cartlidge injuries, especially between the ribs. At 60 years old I am going to have to learn to let someone else through out the meth head at a party.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts