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New to the forum, and I just have a couple of questions that I couldn't find the answer to while searching.

Been riding my 09 250R for a couple of months now. The guy I bought it from did a faring swap and changed the color from red to black. The problem is, he painted the grey bezels around the speedo/tach, the pieces over the airbox, and the front piece, basically all the dark grey plastic pieces. He also added green graphics to the side, which I removed. My questions are these:
Is there an easy way to remove the paint from those painted plastics, as I like the dark grey, and the paint job is very bad?
When the farings were replaced, he lost the key-hole cover for the rear seat (between the front and rear seat), that rubber piece; Is there a place I can go to get that?
The graphics left an outline on the matte part of the front faring where it looks like the sun was hitting it...is there a way to deal with this?
and finally, I'm looking into getting new tires, I would like to go a size wider to a 140/70/17 or a 150/60or70/17, I know the problems/debates/controversies with changing the tire size so I don't need any lectures. My problem is that I'm a bigger guy (6'3" 210 lb., and sometimes I ride with my girlfriend who is maybe 120..is there any cause for concern for rubbing of the tire? or anything like that?

I also plan to shim my carbs later tonight so any words of advice on that are appreciated.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate any help.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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