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Two 2002 ZX6R's
Former Pro National machines, built and used by Kawasaki Canada in 2002. They both make aprox. 110+ rear wheel h.p. I took posession of them in the spring of 2003 and used them for some summer fun. I am a licenced mechanic and a well known and capable tuner, so they have been babied and cared for. They are ready to race, available with :

• KIT close ratio transmission
• slipper clutch
• KIT flywheel
• KIT cams
• headwork w/high comp gaskets
• KIT carb. jetting
• KIT wire harness
• MUZZY ignition
• One-off Hindle exhaust
• OHLINS suspension front and rear(Bostrom specs)
• OHLINS steering damper
• Rear sets
• KIT fairing stay/dash
• Steel lines w/OEM brake pads
• RENTHAL 520 final drive
• DUNLOP or PIRELLI scrubs.

Add up the value of all that and I'm sure you'll agree...these are very valuable bikes and they do perform accordingly.

I am only asking for $7500 per bike.

They come with unused OEM parts and body work
and a bill of sale from Kawasaki Canada.

Also available: a tremendous amount of spare parts, which are negotiable with the purchase of a bike.

The bikes are currently in Toronto, and will be on display at the International Motorcycle Supershow, Jan. 2,3,4th.

If you need more info, or wish to view the machines, please email me at [email protected] or call 416-588-8344 or 416-702-8344
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