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Hey guys, I have a couple more Kawasaki Race "kit" ECU's available! These are brand new in the box, and come with the software. These DO NOT come with the cable to connect the ECU to a computer (this cable is only needed to make adjustments - ECU already comes with improved ignition and fuel maps though). These used to run $400+ from dealers/KRT, I'm not sure if they're still available.

2003 and 2004 ZX6r (636cc)
2003 ZX6rr (599cc)

Will NOT fit 2004 ZX6rr, as only this year had "8" injectors like the later 636.

-Improved ignition and fuel maps, with no EPA/sound restrictions
-Higher rev limit
-Plug and play, no adjustments needed
-Doesn't look for kickstand switch
-On/Off (tip in) throttle is MUCH smoother

$200 shipped!

I use PayPal and Venmo. I have sold a few parts on here through the years, but I can send you more contact info/cell phone number etc if requested.

email: KingslandRacing (@) gmail.com


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