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Race-specs question

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Recently I have been doing some modifications to my 1998 ZX-6R. I've raised the compression to 13:1 instead of 11,8:1. I'm following the kawasaki race specs, and this is an approved modification. It will hold.

I have a problem though, I have no intention to buy kit valve-springs and kitcamshafts because I simply cant afford it. It says in the specs that the minimum piston to valve (intake) clearance should be at least 0,7 mm (1,1 mm exhaust). This is WITH kitcams and kitsprings. Underneath it says;

"The minimum valve to piston clearance is changed from the above when the original intake camshaft and kit valve springs are used, or the original exhaust camshaft and valve springs are used."

Does that mean that these values are for kitcams+kitsprings and for original cams + original springs? Sounds a bit crazy.

You people with experience, how low can you keep the intakevalve to piston distance on a 1998 zx6r running original springs and cams?
Were talking about 14000 rps here. (I measured the original distance before modifications, it was ca 1,0 mm)

Anyone got an opinion?


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