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Racing 6RR

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Anyone Racing a 6RR ?? I'm thinking about getting the 04 for next season.. would like to know your experiences..good or bad .. also, how does the bike compete with the other 600's.

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I'm the same shoes as you. I hear it's a easy bike to work with compared to the CBR600RR. From what I gather the ZX6RR handles great after it's suspension is dialed in. The engine is down a few ponies on the R6 and 600RR. The 04 has a number of upgrades to the suspension and engine. So setting up the 04 suspension should be easier. Engines wise the upgrades should make it equal or hopefully more powerful than the R6 and 600RR. The only thing is the new GSXR 600 coming out. I'm leaning toward the ZX6RR, but I want to see how the dyno charts look before I make a deposit.
Hey SP8..I see you are from CT.. are you going to be racing at Loudon ?? Yeah, i want to see what the gsxr600 has in store.Hopefully there will be some tests soon..I would like to get the zx6RR..like to have something different..like being the underdog
Yeah I'll be at LRRS/CCS at Loudon. Next year will be my first season. Where do you, or plan to race? The Gixxer will be all over the as usual, but the ZX6RR is dead sexy in race plastics. I'm not to concern about how the ZX6RR handles, I know it will be good. Just as long as it has the midrange and top end power I'm on it. I went to a dealer to talk about the 04 ZX6RR, and they gave me a copy of the upgrades. Looks like it should gain the 3 to 6 ponies to the 03 stock bike. The Gixxer is my second choice, but hopefully I won't have to go their.
SP8..yeah.. I'll be at Loudon next season also.. I'll try to hit VIR and Summit Point too.. If the new RR get the extra ponies in the midrange then we'll both be on them..from everything I have read about the 03..ponies is all that is missing..hopefully a test will be out soon..are you going to take the Penguin school ?? the first one should be @ April..
Yeah I'll be going to Penguin to get my raacing license. Not sure at this point which date I'll make. VIR looks like a sweet track. Well worth the travel. Beaver run looks like it rocks also.
Hey slider417, I just read in Motorcycle racer that the 2004 engine upgardes should net plus 8 to 10 HP at the crank over the 2003 model. That should translate to plus 6.8 to 8.5 HP a the rear wheel. They did a test ride on Foret's World Supersport ZX6RR. Nothing but praises about the way the bike handles. Foret has his bike set very well. They said it just needs more midrange and top end, which is on it's way in 2004. I hope the power up is enough to keep the new gixxer in check. With a gain of 7 to 9 HP it should. I'll be making a deposit in January. I'm pretty positive it's gonna be a green meanie.
SP8.. I read the same thing.. also, the new Roadracing World.. says the same thing and it's suppose to have the dual FI like the GSX-R 1000 that Yosh raced this season..so I don't think it will have any power issues this season.. I'm going to put a deposit down in the next few weeks.. :D
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