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2005 ZX10
4500 Miles
Completly stock

Have several reasons I am selling my baby. Financially, and for practicality reason. Getting ready to go through a huge change in my life and trying to figure out how to keep it has led me to the conclusion that I can't keep it. So going to sell it now, and get it out of my hair. The changes were really unplanned, but do to some other realizations in my life, It has led me to a point where my future in flow of money is uncertain.

I owe about 8800 on the bike, I know It will be hard to get that much, but who knows.

I am including the following with the bike

Alpine Star Spinner Jacket Read and Black Leather
Jock Rocket Mesh Jacket Falcon 4.0. Black
CMP motorcycle ramp
FLY swingarm stand
HJC Helmet

Helmet is scuffed, but would makea good spare.

Other part of the reason I'm selling it is cause I fucked up and got caught for having too much fun. Not typical of me, but one of the few times I played on the street I got caught. Oh well. It happens.
7 years of good driving conduct down the drain. My first near car experiance led me to make a bad decision of accelerating so as no to get a honda symbol tatooed on my butt. Oh well. lesson learned. If don't take the honda up the rear, yer gonna take something else up the rear. :p

Let me know if you are interested.

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