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rear sprocket

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If you go up 2 in back your odometer will register about 5% more than you have actually traveled and with 1 down in front about 7% more.
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yes I did do a search on this topic but could not find the specific answer
I was just wondering if I go two up in the back on my sprocket will my bike
rack up more Km's than I am acually driving. Or is that just when you go down in the front

Hmmm.. SW.. so a 43 in the back would give you about 7% more milage, but a 7% decrease in speed?

If so, should I disconnect my speedo cable for a little bit and go off the sigma computer to gain some "actual" milage on the O.D?
Where's Rob when you need him? [:M78]

Sprocket change and speed
O.k.. guess I will make sure the Sigma computer is running the way it should, then disconnect my speedo every so often.. don't want to need to sell my bike one day for less than it's worth..
Easiest way is to just pull the sensor out of the front sprocket cover.
Yea... I would probably just tie strap it close...real close...that way if a cop pulled you over for something, he would probably give you a ticket because that is illegal. You could always tell him that you have been having trouble with the screw and that's why you tie-strapped it close. I would also probably use a computer (like I did) so you know what your speed is.. Then if a cop did pull you over, you could show him that you do have a form of an odometer and a speedometer.

Disclaimer: Don't think I am a bad person for thinking like this.. just a little preturbed for finding out that all this time (or since I bought it used) that I have probably traveled like 1000 miles but it shows more miles. Who knows how much more... When your selling your bike (to move up) it's not like you can tell the person, "oh, don't rely on the odometer reading.. I have a larger rear sproket.."
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