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Rear stand to install links????

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is there anyway to install rear links without buying
rear stand??? [^]
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Loosen the bolts first, then have someone tip the bike on the sidestand while you do the swap.

I had my wife tip mine when I removed the rear shock spacer.

Talk about nervous. [:p]
That's like saying...here mr. vice grip, can you hold my balls but be gentle?! :)
You can also use a good car jack -- most folk have one around or a friend/relative will have one -- no need to buy a rear stand just for this.

Just make sure your kickstand is down good and proper. Slide the hydraulic car jack under your rear shock assembly. Jack up the carjack. Done.

I've had my rear wheel/chain off for two nights supported like this, no mishaps/falls. It's basically like a tripod. Of course, I have no dogs/kids running around my garage either....
i got good car jack, :) ill figure something out, no prob, thanks!
ok done, my bike sits lower. sweet. now i need to lower
the front with strapes. or play with front forks adjustment. thanks a bunch
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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