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Hey all, installed my rebuilt engine in my racebike. Has ported heads, degreed Kent cams, new pistons, rings, refreshed cylinders (millenium), lightened and balanced crank. Slight compression bump from shaved head -- running 91 octane pump gas. Basically rebuilt from top to bottom. Cams were degreed by a kawi tech according to kent specs. Tried to fire it up today with no luck. Nothing hitting anything, Battery cranking things over well... appears to be a fuel issue? Worked in my stock engine last week! Has a PCIII, with a map tuned to the exhaust system I still have on it but the stock engine. Could the porting be screwing up the air/fuel mixture that much? Its an 07 engine in an 08 frame -- could the ECU be a problem? From what I understand, the 06-08 bikes were identical.

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Shit -- no go. Not even a pop or fart. Did the following:

1. Fuel pump is working, fuel filter not clogged -- fuel pump is supplying
the correct shot of fuel prior to startup, as well as continuously while on.
2. Getting a good spark -- with both the iridium plugs and a set of
standard ones I got today as well. Battery is fully charged and cranking
the engine well.
3. Tip over sensor upright, solidly mounted.
4. Primed the tbs with fuel, no bang at all...

So I have fuel, spark, and air, but in the wrong dose/at the wrong time?

At this point, I think it has to be a timing issue??

I took the cylinder head cover off and checked the timing marks on the crank
sensor with the notch as per the manual. I also compared it to the stock
engine I had removed. Some newbie questions (perhaps silly ones, I know...)

1. Is there a chance that the cams could be set to the wrong stroke (ie not
the compression stroke) -- like they are 180 degrees out... is that even
possible? I realize that is an insulting question, but I am lost!
2. When I set the #1 cylinder to tdc on the compression stroke, the intake
cam lobe looked a bit off compared to the drawing in the manual (in the
manual, they are oriented exactly opposite of each other in the opposite
direction -- a mirror of each other). They are supposed to be oriented away
from each other... they are, but are not oriented symetrically (if you catch
my drift)... with the adjustable timing, we are dealing in degrees... would
the difference in lobe angle even be noted with the naked eye?
3. The cam lobe angle/orientation at TDC on the stock engine and TDC on the
race engine are not identical... again the adjustment in the lobes would be
minute, correct? Or can the differences be seen by the naked eye?

Kinda stuck with what to try next... could the intake cam be off 1 tooth/a
few degrees, enough to prevent it from firing? Could it be out and still
not have pistons hitting valves?
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