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OK so my bike has been down twice but listen before your get scared.

1 was a slow slip on some loose rocks and everything has been replaced except the stator cover which has scratches (cost 100$ at worst)

2nd a tip over while i was in the store
cracks in right and upper fairing and shatter headlight unit

has just under 3k miles and was running like a new bike

Basically I can't afford new plastic and am just ready to call it for the year since I have a Jeep.

Kelly Blue Book list at $6300 with 2x the miles
I'll cut off what it will cost for new plastic

[email protected]


tank pad protector
100/50 light bulbs super white with slight blue tint
carbon fiber heel guards
custom undertail kit
double bubble v2 windscreen
pro grip grips
flush mount on front and rear

for a good price ill even though in the followin
Shoei 02 helmet
cyclone tz-1/tc-1 med
hbc sliver small
arlen ness sport tech (better than joe rocket)
krypotnite lock and cable
carbon fiber like key chain
shoei decals

Will deliever to within reason
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Not open for further replies.