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Hey everyone,

I have an 06 zx6r that I'm collecting parts and prepping for a turbo build. I have a couple of questions for you guys..

I will be running zx10 injectors..with a PCV retrofitted for my bike. I understand the PC fuel map is based off % increase of the stock map. To my understanding the stock zx6r fuel pump is the same as the 10s in terms of performance.

I have a walbro 255 that I have been thinking about using..going return with a boost referenced regulator, using the stock fuel lines as a return and plumbing the pump to the secondary injector tee on the rail (as i won't be using secondary injectors).

What I would like to know is there anyone effectively boost reference regulating the stock fuel pump? I would like to keep my build as easy as possible and if I don't have to go the route with the walbro I would like that.

Any info is greatly appreciated!
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