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Just wanted to share how I did mine on a ZX9R E1 Model. The one I got looks similar to the Spy5000m but it has a different name.

Red from alarm to battery positive

Black To battery Negative
Black with terminal to body

Brown from alarm ( Also referred to as the ACC wire on some sites) this goes to any wire that is HOT when the key is on my schematic shows its a brown wire that can be traced from ignition switch.

From the same brown wire from the alarm I installed the resistor and a diode to prevent it from interfering with the bikes system that is inside the ignition switch, this connection goes to the grey wire (also shown as key lock positive electricity)

The blue wire is connected to the black with red tracer on the junction box that comes from the starter switch.

The pink and grey wires were connected in series with the kill switch circuit. ( The relay that connects those wires only cut the connection when the alarm goes off or Anti Hijack option is used)
I know many people remove the ignition fuse and wire them there but I think the diagram is for bikes without a kill switch.

The two yellow wires go the the blinkers or any lights you want to have flashing.

Everything works and the bike will not start in gear with the side stand down.

Hope someone finds this useful cheers :grin2:
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