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Hi ppl,

Juz bought a 2003 ZX636R and after flipping through the owner's manual, realised that there are actually a few models of ZX636R available, even a restricted version. How do I know if my ZX636R is a restricted model? Is it possible to tell from the bike serial number?
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I'm guessing the restricted models were the ones equiped with KLEEN. do a search about KLEEN on how to remove it :D
It will vary by country, for example I think France likes to restrict the power a bit on bikes.
The KLEEN system has nothing to do with restriction - it's emissions related equipment that blows fresh air into the exhaust valves so that the catylitic converter has more oxygen to catylize CO, HC and NOx into that into water and also their constituent elements.

As for restricted versions, only France and Australian versions are restricted, the Australian model however, doesn't have a catylictic converter - go figure.

There are stickers on the left and right side of the frame behind the steering stem that are easy to find. So long as you don't see a (FR) or a (AUS) behind the VIN# on either of those stickers, you do not have a restricted version. Should you find that you do have a restricted bike, you can take care of that problem by either getting your ECU re-mapped by a dealer, getting the kit ECU or getting a Power Commander.
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erp...I guess it's not KLEEN [:eek:)]
Well in the states I think that California has a restriction. They have more emmisions crap on them. Don't know if it really does anything though.
The California models simply recycle the fuel vapors back into the tank whereas the rest of us get a hose that empties out next to the rear shock linkage.

Regarding 96zx6's question, I don't know what it is that's done to restrict your bikes, but like I stated above, I'm sure you could have that taken care of by re-mapping the ECU, getting the kit ECU or a PCIII. Don't hold me to it though, I couldn't find anything definative in that regard with the information I have at hand.
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