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RF-900 Sizing

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I'm looking at getting the Shoei RF-900. I tried an XL at a dealer and felt like my head was being crushed. A guy I work with has the 900 and we're about the same size. Come to find out, he's got a large. I could barely fit that one on my head. I understand that it should be tight, but not to the point that I feel like passing out and I'm finding it hard to believe that I have a 2XL head since that size is supposed to fit a 7 7/8. What sizes are you guys wearing? I'm 5'11" ~220 and most of that is down low. It's not like I'm a giant or anything.
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Question for ya: why necessarily the RF-900 then? (BTW, I had that helmet, and loved it.) But if it doesn't feel good (even if you're going XXXXXXL), maybe it's simply not the right shape for your head. For examply, as much as people love some of the Arai's, my head simply doesn't fit in most of their models.

inca jones
yeah, what inca jones said was true in my case. tried on shoei and arai, but my head felt diffrent in both. picked up a kbc, and felt snug but not tight.

why do you want a Shoei RF-900, if you dont mind me asking. are they tested to be the best?
ALL helmet styles and brands will fit differently based on subtle differences in your noggin...

I happen to fit the XL RF-900 perfectly too but it might not even be a Shoei you need after all.
I'll figure out which one I like after I find one that fits. It's a size issue, not a shape issue. I want to know if I should expect all of these to run small or did I find the oddball. I can't judge the fit if I can barely get the thing on my head.

You can measure your head size just above your eyebrows, and then use a sizing chart to get the proper size for you. If you cannot fit that size, look to another brand.

Check out this chart at helmetshop.com.
I have the RF-900 and the HJC CJ-12, The HJC sits on display on a shelf in my house and the Shoei is on my head everyday :) Also I have the XL and I wear a 7 3/4 hat size, so being that you're a 7 7/8, you might want to jump up to a 2XL!
Are you sure it's size and not shape issue..I tried on the RF900 in lg.I had alot of pressure on my forhead,back on the head and alittle on top.Tried xlg it was to big..Tried on a Arai Rx7RR in lg.Perfet fit,which led me to the conclusion that i have a more oval shape head.If you lokk at the Shoei's they are made for rounder shape heads.
Gary, I've got a Large RF-900, my dome piece measures 7 1/4, and it fits like a glove. Best fitting helmet I found. The HJC CL-14 large I bought at 1st was a little too snug.
I also found the best price for it at Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse.
I went to the dealer, used the measuring tape they had which indicated I should be a Large but on the Shoei RF-900 Large and it fit perfectly. Went on-line and found it for $224.99 (basic solid colors) at www.MotoXoultet.com :D. Best price I've seen on them yet and good service. I'm 6'1", 200 lbs with a 7 1/2 hat size and the Large worked perfectly for me. Check out the sizing chart from the Shoei website http://www.shoei-helmets.com/2003/home/home.html . Click the "Technical" bar at the top of the page then "Helmet Specifications" then "Helmet Sizing Chart" and you should be able to figure out what size they recommend since you know your hat size. I'd give the 2X a try.
Gary, I wear a medium rf900. I'm 5'11", 185, but i have a small head. I've always had trouble getting baseball caps that didn't look too big.

I'd go online to hipersports.com and call to check a price before buying. I don't know what they're selling em for (they claim prices too low for shoei to let them list) but I was impressed that the mirrored shield I want is only 41.95

good luck!
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