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Riding gear

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I am shopping around for new riding gear.....gloves, boots, jacket, helmet, etc... Just curious what brands you guys have had experience with. Any recommendations? I'm a big fan of Fieldsheer, Vanson and Teknic, but I'm open to suggestions! I just want some decent quality gear that won't destroy my bank account! :) Thanks!

- Jon
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For racing/riding suit I go with AlpineStars TZ-1(two piece), For boots I go with Alpinestars SM-X and I wear Teknic Pro Violator Gloves. As far as helmet I use an Arai Quantum F. I have also tried on a pair of Sidi Vertebra racing boots and they were pretty nice but too expensive for me($330). This whole set up might be a little expensive but I am not a fan of skin grafts[B)][B)]

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well, i personally wear Dainese leathers..they are expensive but saved my ass a few times..very tough leather.

gloves - try alpinestars sp3 or sp1
boots - alpinestars SM-X (good for wider feet)
helemt - OGK look at them at www.helmetharbor.com it's only $350 (i wear an Arai rx7rr)
leathers - this is a tough one..you can get some great deals on left overs now. www.kneedraggers.com has some sweet suits. look at the spidi hook suit. it's under $800. also, the alpinestars GPU
1-piece suit is $645 in the dennis kirk catalog. either way, this shite is expensive.. what's your body worth to ya?

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I really like Alpinestars jackets and gloves... have never had their boots though. I'm on my 2nd Alps Dyno jacket and they are awesome -- comfortable, good quality and fit and feel very safe, though thankfully i haven't had to test them yet. I have a pair of Teknic carbon-knuckled gloves (actually not sure what model) but they are very comfortable and are holding up pretty well, though they are fraying a little bit around the edges of the velcro wrist-strap. They are kinda old though so I almost expect that... anyway point being I like them and would definitely buy Teknic gloves in the future. I've also tried Alpinestars GP Plus gloves and like them a lot, though they seem to run kinda small on me (needed one size larger than normal).

Recently got some Sidi Vertebra II Tepor boots... still breaking them in, but out of the box they are very comfortable (noticably moreso than the non-tepor version).

Fieldsheer titanium air jacket is very nice during the summer and is surprisingly well-armored, though being enclosed fully in mesh pockets the armor (elbow in particular) can tend to slide around a bit, though overall I am very happy with this jacket.

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I am so ashamed! I wear a jacket I bought from the guys that make Draggin Jeans for $99. I wear a pair of draggin jeans when I am riding agressively or traveling. Boots are U.S. Army, free when you sign on the dotted line. Gloves are dearskin ropers. Helmet KBC, I think it ended up costing me $160. You don't have to spend a fortune to get decent gear. The most important parts oddly enough are the helmet and the boots.
if you want some good quality and nice color combinations without the price being too high, joe rocket makes a lot of different combinations...and you can get it pretty cheap off the internet; also alpine star has nice stuff too; however, it tends to run more, just remember when buying this stuff that the sizes are usually in europe sizes, so remember that when buying...good luck.

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I am planning on buying/wearing a pair of draggin jeans for the short local trips. But I will still wear my leather jacket and racing boots. Only when doing serious aggresive riding (tail of the dragon in May!!!) will I wear the whole suit put together.

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Has anyone had any experience with Corsa leathers?
I'm a joe rocket man!

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I dont like nicky hayden and dont care much for the products he
endorse's but I like the Joe Rocket Stuff I have a balistic 3.0 jacket but everyone in town seems like they are getting one.

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