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Riding in cold weather.

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So I've been riding since August of this year and try to get as much riding as possible. It has been getting very cold here in New England. I've been riding in 50 degree weather no problem but this morning when I decided to take the bike to work, it was 30 degrees out. I decided to take the city roads instead of the highway but even through the city riding, I was very cold by the time I go to work (20 minutes). The most problematic for me is the knees getting very cold. It's been 5 hours since my ride and my knees are still cold.

How many of you ride in below freezing temps? What are your ideas on staying warm? Any thoughts or comments?
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i wanan buy a 1 piece textile suit, from what i read, they are awesome for cold weather and protect well. too bad they cost a shit ton of money.

the worse i've ridden in was 20 degree ambient temp; idk about wind chill.

i wouldnt do it again the way i did it, but now i know better i wont be against it if i have to again. i would perfer not to.

balaclava, scarf, and something to warm my hands will keep me good for almost all temps so far.
Debating getting some winter gloves. Thats really the only part that hurts. Heard good things about Cortech Scarabs

Def gotta layer up. I am in the NE too and once the temps start getting below 40s I just default to long johns as another layer, even if I'm taking the train in. Good rule of thumb... once you get down around freezing I don't think you can wear too many layers. But you gotta keep the hands warm.
those insulated gloves only do so much, i have a comparable pair of gloves; a* apex drystar. i mainly bought them because they are waterproof but they have some thinsulate.

it really doesn't do much. its better than nothing but like i said, doesn't do much. it took me a bit to get acustomed to thicker gloves and less control feel.

if youre going to keep your hand warms heated gloves are the way to go; something i cant afford.
Anything above 40 degrees is fine, and anything above 30 is tolerable. You don't need all this fancy cold weather gear either, though it helps.

Use your normal gear with layers underneath, and, an absolute MUST for cold weather riding is balaclava and glove liners underneath your gloves. For me, it's only my face and hands that get cold out there in this type of weather, and that solves both issues.

Is it as fun as summer? No, not really. But sometimes it is, because people look at you like you're nuts :D.
that + people asking directly if i am lol

unless the cold turns to pain, i will still find it fun
that sounds awesome, does it offer protection as well? links to said glove pls
i havent worn long johns once riding these past 2 winters. temps have been down to 20's/low 20's so far.

as long as my hands and my neck is warm, i really dont have any issues.
neck so far is good but hands are starting to get annoying after 15-20 mins in those temps.
If your gloves have some room in them, maybe you can put the hand warmers inside the gloves.
most likely dont, they're already insulated and pretty snug. and its not my palms that get cold, its the fingers
Only wear long johns on the boat in Winter. They're far too warm to wear around the office all day and apart from changing my boots for shoes I just want to take my outer gear off - not do a complete change. Helmet,gloves etc., go into the top box when I get off the bike, hang the jacket on my chair back and change my shoes.

taotaomona77 - Cali and Florida are two States where year round riding is easy. I do remember working in Florida one December listening to the local radio praising the brave bikers who were braving the bitter cold for their Christmas charity run. At the time, we were lounging around the hotel's outdoor pool wearing swimming costumes and enjoying a beer and the December sunshine.

i'd be :Laughing rolling: as well. idk how cold it gets in the uk though.
I've had a few close calls this season with cold roads and salt in Jersey.

I weaved around a manhole cover (just screwing around), and the front wheel slipped out on me. My sphincter ate some of the seat from that.

similar thing happened to me a few days ago. dont know why i rode but it was after it was sleet/snow during the day. salt everywhere, thought my tires were warmed up enough, gave it gas, didn't move, started fishtailing around. good times.
It dipped a little low today, high 30s. I never thought gloves could make such a huge difference, but I had some riding to do for work today and my hands were killing me. I was using perforated summer gloves with a wool liner under... just worthless. I ran into a shop and bought these:

Cortech Scarab Winter Gloves - Street Motorcycle - Motorcycle Superstore

Whoa nelly. I rode about 100 miles with these, and my hands were toasty the whole time. I was pretty well layered up otherwise (full long johns, 2 pairs of socks, sweater, balaclava, textile jacket w/liner), and so the ride was a lot more enjoyable than usual. Even up to ~100 the wind did not cut through. I still want to get a fairing though, would be nice to have some additional protection and a screen to duck behind.
fairings would make such a difference; i really havent changed anything i wear compared to warmer months, even today. i've ridden in the colder days that occured these past few weeks, even the sleet day.
with the fairings i think its why i never found my legs cold and never wore anything besides ankle socks with my knee pads and pants.

the gloves thing really does make a difference, i got a pair of a* apex gloves with some insulation, they don't work the best but improves hand numbess taking into effect longer than if i had regular gloves on. do those scarabs have a built in liner?
the a* apex gloves i got have that thinsulate thing. i found it extremely weird and bulky at first. i still get that feeling after not wearing it for a bit. i personally lost A LOT of feel when wearing them. i'm more use to them now and keeping my hands warmer with the sacrifice of feel is worth it i guess
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