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Riding in cold weather.

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So I've been riding since August of this year and try to get as much riding as possible. It has been getting very cold here in New England. I've been riding in 50 degree weather no problem but this morning when I decided to take the bike to work, it was 30 degrees out. I decided to take the city roads instead of the highway but even through the city riding, I was very cold by the time I go to work (20 minutes). The most problematic for me is the knees getting very cold. It's been 5 hours since my ride and my knees are still cold.

How many of you ride in below freezing temps? What are your ideas on staying warm? Any thoughts or comments?
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The weather here drops to about 9 deg celcius in winter. Thats quite a way off freezing but considering that i live on a piece of land which is 6 miles all the way around with a chunk of rock in the middle of it and is in the middle of two oceans, the sea air makes that 9 degs feel painfully cold.

The most common complaint i have is fingers and face. I wear a thin set of under gloves that go under my leather ones and a face scarf that tucks up under my helmet.

I dont have any heating on in the mornings and i go outside for a smoke before I'm ready to leave the house to acclimatise my self to the cold after being snuggled up in bed all night.

Hope that helps.
lol na put some chains on tires and a snow plow jerry rigged to front mud guard and jobs a good en! :D
Cold weather riding is fine and all, but... I think I'm going to have to put the bike away soon.

snow, snow, snow, snow, SNOW... it wont be long before we'll all be there with snow
taotaomona77 - Cali and Florida are two States where year round riding is easy. I do remember working in Florida one December listening to the local radio praising the brave bikers who were braving the bitter cold for their Christmas charity run. At the time, we were lounging around the hotel's outdoor pool wearing swimming costumes and enjoying a beer and the December sunshine.

We ride year round here too, it gets very wet at times and we can have torrential flooding. For the most part the cold is bearable although being surrounded by sea makes the chill more noticeable than the recorded temperature. So no riders braving the cold for Christmas charity, but we do have the Polar Bear swim on Boxing Day. This year there were a few hundred of us going into the sea in the name of charity.
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