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Even if you have been riding a long time, do a school!

It is supposed to be pretty common for righties to prefer left turns since they feel that they are more in control when they can counter balance towards their "good side". I kind of remember being that way when I first started riding dirt on a tiny little kx50 two stroke, but I got over it by the time I was like 10(kx80 2stroke by then)from TONS of riding - I was a motocross junkie growing up, and although street riding is a whole different animal, the years of experience did help the transition feel more natural. I would blaze through the left turns powersliding that little thing, but always approched the rights cautiously - which is more dangerous because you lost concentration and just think too hard about the stupid turn and not your speed or lines.

Completing a riding course, even if it is just a basic one, will help your confidence a lot on the right handers - they are the same thing after all and its all in your head!

I took an MSF course two years ago, thinking it would just be a cakewalk for the insurance break, but actually left feeling more comfortable on two wheels just knowing that I completed the course - and I had already been riding for quite some time.
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