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Russell Day Long?

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Has anyone put a RDL seat on their 650? My seat on my 09 is killing my backside. I'm good for about 1 1/2 hours, then my butt bones begin to hurt. A 4 hour trip the other day was miserable coming home. I have tried an Airhawk, Gel seat pad, sheep skin, and combining them. I chased a comfortable seat on one of my other bikes and the results were a garage with several aftermarket seats on a shelf and a LOT of money wasted. Determined not to go down that road again with this bike... thus, I'm looking at a Russell....
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I've got a Corbin gunfighter & lady seat on mine, and it saved the ride for sure. Still one of my most favorite mods to date.
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I have a RDL seat on my 2012 BMW K1600GT and I can honestly say it was the single best after-market cycle accessory investment in all of my 48 years of owning and riding motorcycles. The way the seat is built EXACTLY for your own body makes it such a worthwhile upgrade and it is worlds apart from the stock seat in terms of long range comfort. That said, I don't think I'd put it on my own '09 KLR...mainly for two reasons. One would be aesthetics; I just can't imagine a seat with the wider "wings" looking too good on a KLR650. Then again.....who knows? Secondly...if I'm going to be riding for more than about 2 hours, I'll be on my Beemer and not the KLR. Good luck with whatever you decide though!
Thank you for the input, I appreciate it. I have an appointment for August to get my seat done. If it doesn't work for me, nothing will. I've pissed away money on dumber stuff.
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