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Scotts steering damper settings

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OK guys, I just installed my Scotts damper and set it to the stock settings (8 clicks from full left and sweep at 12 o'clock position). The manual said that it comes stock at these settings but the base valve was set at 12 and the sweep was set at 9 o'clock (going by the machined bevel NOT the threaded hole). Anyway, I just have a couple of questions for you guys who have this sweet unit...

What exactly does the sweep control do?
Where do you guys have your sweep set?
What valve settings are you currently using?

and finally,

Don't you guys love these things? I do...I installed it in 15 mins(easy) and then I put 200 miles on it. It works so great and I don't even have it set to it's fullest potential!
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Do you have the manual? There is a picture that illustrates how to set the sweep control. Basically it lets you set the damper so that it is only "on" over a limited range. So when you turn your bars all the way to one side, like when you're doing a U-turn, the damper won't provide any resistance. I honestly don't know and don't care where I have my sweep set since it doesn't really affect riding at speed. I'm not sure about the right side covered valve, but I have the left side at about 1/2 to 3/4 clockwise (hard). Once I get my bike on the track I'll dial it in. For right now I just like knowing that my chances of getting a tank slapper from a pot hole in the street are significantly reduced.

Oh yeah, these things get stolen all the time. They sell "security" allen bolts that make it a little more difficult to steal. You can get them at the Scotts site, but thieves can also get the tool there. Fuck thieves!
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yeah I ordered the security bolts but Scotts forgot to put them in so they are sending them to me. So the sweep is just for the base valve setting, right? My base valve (the left one) goes more than 2 rotations around so I am not sure what you mean by 1/2 to 3/4...does that mean overall or of one full rotation? Thanks for the help.
I have mine set to 8 clicks left from full right. so the knob is pointing up. Sweep at 12 o'clock. One last thing. Make sure you dont strip those security bolts with the special hex key. The metal is soft. Much softer then the key. I stripped one of mine the other night.
lol, looks like NO ONE is gettin urs off eh tommy? doh
By 1/2 to 3/4 I mean that I have the left knob turned 1.5 to 2 turns clockwise (I think the max is 3 turns from the softest to hardest setting).
I'm at 9 clicks left from full right, and don't ever fool with the right knob.
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