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Aggressively styled and full of features, the Shark Speed-R is designed to suit the needs of anyone riding on the street. The overall shape of the helmet was developed using extensive wind-tunnel testing in order to provide the aerodynamics and airflow necessary for all bikes, whether they have a windshield or not.

The front of the Speed-R features two vents - one above the chin and one above the forehead. This is pretty standard stuff so far, but things are a bit different at the back. There you will find a unique, double-bladed spoiler at the top and a second spoiler at the base. The double-bladed spoiler creates a dual venturi effect that draws hot air out of the rear exhaust vents very effectively. The spoiler at the base helps keep things stable at speed and prevents turbulent air from running inside base of the helmet. Shifting the focus back to the front of the helmet brings us to another of the Speed-R’s best features - the shields.

When looking at the eyeport of the Shark Speed-R, the most obvious feature is the integrated, retractable sun-visor. This tinted visor retracts and deploys by sliding a tab found near the top of head on the left hand side. Smooth and easy to operate with a gloved hand, the slider and visor are a nice touch. One of the best features of the Speed-R is found in front of the sunvisor and is generally an afterthought on many helmets - the faceshield. Shark’s high-quality, anti-fog/anti-scratch shields provide a very wide and optically correct field of vision. They do so with a thickness that varies from 4.25mm in the center to 3mm at the sides.

The Shark Speed-R is available in a variety of graphics (including the Scott Redding replica shown below), as well as gloss black, matte black, and gloss white. If you are interested in the Speed-R, or any other Shark helmet model, just get in touch with MIKE through the forum or by calling 866.931.6644 ext. 804. Is email more convenient? Feel free to send those to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM and we’ll get back to you right away!

The Shark Speed-R is shown here in the Scott Redding replica graphic.

A double-bladed spoiler aids in drawing hot air out through the two exhaust vents, while a single spoiler at the base stabilizes and reduces turbulence.

The sun-visor is operated by a smooth slider that is easy to use with a gloved hand.

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