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Shaving your seat ! added pics

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shaveing your seat is simple

I did this and all i can say is its awsome i can ride longer,
wrist dont hurt half is much
balls never hit tank now
best mod i have done for the 636

tools : staple gun-6 to 9mm staples will work -- needle nose pliers-sharp knife like steak knife

take the seat off

remove staples from the back of seat simple to do with like needle nose plyers.

take the cheap cloth off

now you will see the foam

take a vary sharp knife and shave it ,.dont cut just use the knife like you would shave your face with it at an angle then kinda fast back and forth you will see it start to shave.harder u push more u shave

after a few min ull figure out how to shave it its vary simple

shave the middle to the back of the seat do a bit at a time run out to bike set the seat on there sit on it see how it feels

if its still to hi shave more do this till u have it where u like it

then clean it up when ur ready shake off the foam get all the crap off the foam seat then reinstall the cover

staple back on

its simple as heck and only takes about 25 min to do from start to finish

why oh why didnt i do this before[:eek:)][8]

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All this talk of Shaving and not a single mention of a female anywhere ... ;)
LOL i thought i would keep it clean but just for you /forum/uploads/zbaron/gift.jpg
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Wahey .. thats more like it .. nice bike .. always the thing when your trying to take a piccy of a nice bike .. some half naked woman jumps in and wastes the piccy ;) lol

p.s. .. she's actually rather attractive :D
if i added more padding it would be way to hi off the ground half the people on the forum can hardley touch ground [8]
Hey what's going on here? tell that girl to move. I wanna see the bike!

Whouldn't shaving it be more uncomfortable for your tootoo?
yeah i think i might add some padding like 636 said, see i dont have that problem(not touching) my feet can touch like crazy even when i'm sittin' on the tank.
Ok so how did the end result look. Does the seat look out of place now? I would really appreciate it if you could post a pic.
WOW [:M6] I am not sure which one I would have first, the girl or the bike. Maybe both would be just fine but anyways how does the seat look after you shaved it? Can you post some pics?
ill post some pics i will do it tomarrow
hey bro some people cant aford to buy a gel seat or a corbin its for people who dont want to spend 150 + on a seat thats all its easy to say just buy a gel seat what about the people who cant.[8D]
looks nice. Thanks for the pics. I'm still wondering how comfortable it would be though.
you know what i have a corbin and gel seat i like the stock shaved seat the best its the most comfortable and lowest you would think its not but it is .the other seats no collect dust by far i love the stock shaved seat and could of saved tons cash doh
zbaron, are you selling your corbin seat now that you're not using it?
you know i didnt even think about selling it but i guess i could
make an offer and let me think about it...[8D]
hehe yea... gotta buy it with a gel seat like i did lol =)
You know, I was thinking about doing this but in a little bit different of a way. Please forgive me since I don't know the terminology of the body part I am getting ready to describe.

OK, I noticed that when I sit on and ride the 636 It is extremely uncomfortable to that area between your balls and your butt(don't know the name of it) so I was thinking of just shaving down the center to form a sort of a "pocket" for that area to rest in. I know Bicyclists have seats like that and I figured it would be applicable to motorcyclists too. Has anyone ever done this? Does anyone else have this problem, or is it just me?
You mean the "taint"?
All you have to do is stop shaving the hair that runs from your crack to your sac, and voila, extra padding!!! :D

Seriously, never really noticed any discomfort there. Depending on my riding position, whether in the front or rear of the seat, I've never experienced that.
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