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I greet all of you!

I'm not a citizen of an English-speaking country. English is not my primary language. I used soft of the "Electronic Story Teller", because I have a terrible pronunciation.

I'm not a bot. I'm just an ordinary man. This is not spam. This isn't an ads. And this isn't an call to action. I ride ZX-10R. Also I'm interested in the direction of motorcycles generally and around this theme. All riders I've ever talked said me everytime: safety 1st! However, it's not easy for a big motorcyclist to choose a good and stylish motorcycle gear. So I would like to share with you of my experience and talk about one of not bad lid. I'm speaking about Simpson Ghost Bandit - name in USA. Web-link: https://youtu.be/11e5FppHtWw I really hope that for someone my information, efforts will be helpful, possible. I'll be glad to receive your comments. Many thanks for attention.

PS RIP E.J. "Bill" Simpson, 79 (March 14, 1940 - December 16, 2019).

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