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I'm interested as I like the low cut and weight reduction on this but...
I have an 03 ZX-6RR which I plan on tracking. Am I going to lose a bunch of HP by going back to a stock header and popping this on it?
I have a full Hindle on the bike now and a full Akra on standby lol.
Also, will this harm the bike by not having enough backpressure going to the valves?
Again, I am interested for sure, just need to know this won't affect/harm my bike.
if your tracking and looking for more horsepower a full system is the way to go.. weight of a full akra carbon or ti is more then this slash cut yes but the akra allows for better match up with a pc3 and more power..

i know on some tracks there is a noise db limit. and i can tell u a straight pipe will not meet those requirements..

i have a slash cut for the street though and i love it...

ps i didnt mean to hijack this at all haha
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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