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For sale is my Kawasaki ZX-6R. I own it since 2005. Got it with 3k miles. Don't have time for it anymore. Barely driven. Less then 12k miles. Basically brand new tires. Oil, brake fluid, coolant, tires and battery changed recently.
Unfortunately I dropped it making a left turn at intersection (car in front of me braked so did I - big No-No), so there is some scratches cracks on left side. Will include brand new set of fairings, still in package, but they were shipped with mismatched color, so will need a paint job, or the tank needs to be painted to match the fairings. Also will include front and rear swingarm stands for the right buyer. Otherwise a great machine - runs perfect - fun to drive.


20201116_223728.jpg 20200614_113939.jpg 20200614_114117~2.jpg 20200614_114042.jpg 20200614_114012.jpg 20200614_114001.jpg 20200614_114341~2.jpg 20200614_114048.jpg 20200614_114128.jpg 20200614_113944.jpg
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