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I thinking about selling my baby[^]. she sold

she been down. but everthing ways restored to stock. (with out stock stickers)
there are some scraches on the frame but can be buffed out.ok know that was said.

here what she has in mods

scott stearing damper.
full system hindle
blue chrome,wind screen
after market seat covers front and rear.
blue head lights
painted fender huger
solo cal (never use because seat cover look hot)
under tail mods(will post pics)
frame sliders.
l.e.d lights, front 1 in the ram air vent and 2 rear plate light.

I will sell it with a kawi jacket,that was used once. it has a inner lineing that unzips for summer.size XL (will post pics)

will sell it stock with seat cover and hindle for 5,800 firm

looking for 6,500 but pm and I will talk. will deliver it up to 100 miles of my house.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
Not open for further replies.