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So here's the problem. I have a 2003 636 for the track, including a powercommander.

During the last races the engines sometimes loses power, most of the tiem when outside temperatures become warmer.

It started at first in the end of a session (aprox 15 minutes). Only happens when asking most power/fuel (4th/5th/6th gear). At first it has some problems hitting the rev limiter and it ends with stalling. The engine doesn't complete stalls, it just has not enough power. After the straight end it picks up fine again, until the next straight or next lap. I'm kinda freaking out now, just can't find it!

What I did:
- checked for FI problems, not fault's in the ECU
- changed throttlebody
- changed ECU
- cleaned/checked en measured fuellpump (on the dyno, has enough pressure)
- installed 2 new fuelpump relais

What's left?? Could it be the powercommander? Others say it's a vapor lock, but how can it be it just happens now (riding this bike for 5 years).
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