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Ok. this might get kinda lenghty but i'm trying to give you guys an exact description of my problem.

This is my wifes first bike.

the vehicle is a 2007 Ninja 250 with just under 3,000 miles.

We bought the vehicle new from a dealer. so it still has warranty AND we also bought a Dealer service plan that includes FREE oil changes, air filters, etc.....

BUT.........the dealer is about 30miles away and i have no way of getting the bike there other than paying for towing. so it would be great if i could get it started.

my wife road the bike daily up until about 4-5 months ago. We have the valve adjustment done by the dealer and it's first oil change.

then roughly 5 months ago she got pregnant and wasn't feeling well enough to ride the bike. unfortunatley i made the mistake of not riding it as i have my own bike (a cruiser).

today i was cleaning the garage and decided to start the bike and take it for a ride to keep everything clean and in working order.

yeah................not happening.

I turned the key on, set the choke to FULL, pulled the clutch and hit the starter button. NOTHING.

then i noticed the kill switch was off. so i turned it on and hit the starter button again. it cranked but WOULD NOT start. i tried cranking it a couple more times, each time cranking about 5seconds.

then i had the bright idea to turn the choke off and try cranking it with part throttle. after about 2 cranks it actually started. so i held the throttle at 3,000RPM for about 20seconds. then i let off the throttle and it immidiately died. after that it wouldn't start anymore. so i took a break and went to have a cigarette. when i came back i noticed a small puddle under the left side of the bike. i sniffed it and it smelled like gas. so i started getting worried. i removed the seat and the left plastic cover and took the coolant overflow bottle off. i noticed a small hole on the bottom corner of the air box. and that's where the gas was dripping from.

so i figured i obviously flooded it. so i let it sit for about 1hour so it could dry out since i don't know the procedure on starting a flooded bike.

when i came back to try it again it just went CLICK. i used my battery tester with load test (i'm a mechanic but have NO experience with bikes) and checked the battery and it was fine. but just incase i put a battery tender on it to keep it fresh.

then i thought maybe the starter was going bad so i tapped it with a screwdriver like i would on a car. after that i tried starting it with the "normal" procedure with choke on and no throttle. it just cranked and wouldn't start.

i also checked the oil and it has a fuel smell. so i need to get it started in the next couple tries and change the oil, which would be nice if the dealer could do it since i get them for FREE.

so to recap the novel i just wrote.

1) why won't it start???
2) why would it have started 1x with throttle but now it won't start at all again???
3) is the gas in the air box just from flooding it or did i damage something???
4) what am i overlooking???

as i said. I don't want to have to start tearing into the bike mechanically as it's under warranty. so if i absolutely can't get it started i'll have to pay to have it towed to the dealer. but it would be nice if i could at least get it started so i can get it to the dealer and have them go over it either under warranty or with the service plan we bought.

thank you very much for all your help.

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figured i'd be nice enough to post up the result.

explained it to the dealer and they said it most likely wouldn't be covered because it would fall under "lack of maintenance" due to not starting and/or winterizing. they weren't 100%, but basically between towing there, diagnostic and then towing back if it wasn't covered i would have been out $150.

so i tore the bike down to the carbs. cleaned out the air box, filter and took the carbs apart and cleaned them.

then i pulled the drain plug and oil filter and let it sit overnight and moved the bike into different positions so it would drain as much as possible. then put in a new filter and oil.

i also completely emptied the entire gas tank.

then i put it all back together and left the crank case vent tube off incase there was something majorly wrong it wouldn't fill the air box again and make me repeat the entire teardown. i figured i'd rather just clean the bike and my garage floor.

i put in some fresh gas and 1/2 can of seafoam and then tried to start it.

it started up and idled erratic for a couple seconds (probably some left over carb cleaner) then got real nice and smooth. i checked and topped off the oil level, hooked the crank case vent tube back to the air box and took it for a 2mile test ride.

so it seems all is good now. i'm still a little confused as to what i did wrong, or what went wrong that i got that much gas in the crank case, but i know that i WILL NOT let it sit without running it anymore.

PS: i have to give all you sport bike riders major props.
i ride a 2004 suzuki volusia VL800 (cruiser) and this was my first time riding a sport bike. after 2 miles my hands, arms and back were so freaking sore it's not even funny. i don't know how my wife rode that thing everyday let alone 200+ miles non-stop.

it was fun, and i wouldn't mind doing it more, but i don't think i could ride more than a couple miles at a time.

i think i'll stick to cruisers. LOL

PS PS: i think next i'll do that double cone filter mod and rejet. i never want to have to remove that air box again. that was a pain in the a**.
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